Our Classes

Our classes are 60 minutes long and contain a mixture of ballet inspired toning exercises to sculpt the entire body, followed by deep stretches to really develop those long lean muscles and promote relaxation and well-being.

All classes are suitable for all fitness levels –No dance experience required.

This class will sculpt, lengthen and tone your body


Created by world-renowned fitness and wellness expert Tracey Mallett, this 60 minute fat burning class is broken down into a mixture of intense ballet inspired toning exercises, using a combination of your own body weight, the ballet barre, and light props, to target and exhaust all major muscle groups, paying particular attention to the arms, core, thighs and seat. This is then followed by a combination of deep stretches to lengthen and detoxify your muscles.. Clients leave this class feeling energised, refreshed and ready to take on the week!


Detox the body and mind with this slower paced 45 minute class, which includes ballet inspired toning exercises, strengthening Pilates sequences and restoring stretches designed to elongate and detoxify muscles. This class ends with a glorious relaxation, along with the use of essential oil aromatherapy, to calm the body and mind and promote well-being. Suitable for absolute beginners. Relax the body and mind with this strengthening session - the perfect compliment to your existing Barre classes!


HIP Pilates combines the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates session with the dynamic energy of a high intensity workout.

Combining core strength, balance and coordination with an energetic cardiovascular element HIP Pilates is the answer to many people’s search for a functional ‘feel good’ workout.

This class will lengthen, tone and define your body, leaving you centered and energised.


This 45 minute class is none stop action. Offering the same workout intensity as our 60 minute classes but with quicker transitions between sets. A full body workout with the same great benefits of our full Barre class, complete with plenty of cardio bursts to increase cardiovascular health. The perfect solution to anyone hoping to squeeze an energising full body workout into their busy schedule. 


This is a dynamic total body workout, which features a resistance band & cuff that help you with seamless movement and flow, whilst adding strength and flexibility. This class will take your existing barre class to the next level. A great class for those who have attended barre classes before and are ready for the next challenge

Class Schedule


Cardio Barre 9:30-10:15

Pilates - Mixed Ability 10:30-11:30 

Pilates Flow- Mixed Ability 18:00-19:00

Booty Barre Sculpt  - Intermediate 19:10-20:10


Yoga with Martin 18:00-19:15

Restorative Barre  19:20- 20:05


Earlybird Express Barre - 07:15-08:00

Pilates - Mixed Ability 9;30-10:30
Pre Natal Pilates 18:00-19:00 

Barre  - Mixed Ability  19:10- 20:10

Pilates Flow - Mixed Ability  20:15- 21:15


High Intensity Pilates- Mixed Ability  18:00-19:00

Booty Barre Sculpt - Intermediate 19:15-20:15

arre - Mixed Ability 9:30-10:30
Pilates Flow - Mixed 10:45-11:45
Mum & Baby Pilates 12:15-13:00

Barre- Mixed Ability 9:00-10:00

High Intensity Pilates - Mixed Ability 10:15-11:15

All 60 minute classes are £8 drop in or £7 if booked and payed in advance for the month

All 45 minute classes are £7 drop in or £6 if booked and payed in advance for the month

*Please note the paying in advance option is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a class up to 24 hours in advance you may switch to an alternative class within the same week. Subject to availability

BARRE SCULPT STUDIO: 4 Martin's Court (off West Street), Congleton, CW12 1JR